Child Safety Harnesses for your baby, toddler and older or special needs child.

Child Safety Harnesses for Baby or Toddler; Child-to-Adult Safety Harnesses for larger children and those with Special Needs; and Safety Harnesses to use with an Autism Dog

Safety Harnesses to fit Babies, Toddlers, Children and Adults


Safety Harness

Autism Service Dog Tethers

Child Harness. Toddler Harness Child-to-Adult Safety Harness. Special Needs Harness. Autism Harness Safety Harnesses with an Autism Dog
  • for babies & toddlers
  • back buckle
  • long 5 ft 8 in lead
  • easy to use
  • for larger todders & older/special needs
  • stronger than your child
  • comfortable to wear
  • choose a 4, 5, or 6 ft front lead to dog
  • back lead for parent
  • metal O-rings front and back provide comforting weight
  • doubles as a walking harness
Child-to-Adult Safety Harness on a 4 yr old with a 22 inch chest

If you are looking for a strong, well-made, well-designed Safety Harness to keep your loved-one safe, you have come to the right place. If you are looking for a pretty fabric wrap with single row stitching, or stuffed animal backpacks with plastic d-rings and plastic snap hook detachable leads the length of your arm, then keep going because you won't find anything like that here. "You get what you pay for" and our Safety Harnesses are expensive.

Unlike other online Safety Stores that carry hundreds of imported safety products, we specialize in harnesses only. Every harness receives the same level of attention and high-quality craftsmanship that over the years has resulted in the success and growth of this business.

Elaine has made harnesses for children as young as 7 months and seniors with dementia as old as 92. In general though, about half our customers are toddlers with an average age of 15 months, and the other half are older children aged 6+ with special needs such as Autism, ADHD and Down syndrome. Whatever the size, shape or age of the person you're shopping for, chances are good a harness has already been made for someone just like them.

Features of your new Safety Harness

Whether you need a Child Harness for a baby or toddler, a Child-to-Adult Harness for an older child with special needs, or a Safety Harness for your child to use with their autism dog, your harness will be a top-quality product with all of the following features: Child-to-Adult Safety Harness. Special Needs Harness. Autism Harness

All Safety Harnesses from are walking harnesses for the purpose of keeping your loved one out of traffic, whether that loved one has just learned to walk or is someone with special needs with no concept of danger when out in our communities.

Children's Harnesses by Elaine was started in October 2006. You can have a look at Our Customers to see who has shopped here before you.

Most of our customers are families across Canada, the USA, Europe and Australia but over the past few years we have had an increasing number of Community Organizations, Schools and Independent School Districts (ISD) as customers. If you are from one of these organizations and need to purchase a Child-to-Adult Harness for a child with special needs under your care, information regarding Purchase Orders, Sole Source letters and other details you may need is on our Schools & Community Orgs page.

Please note that all Safety Harnesses from are sold exclusively through this website. If you are from a Medical Supply Company and are ordering for one of your own customers, please see our Medical Supply Co.s page. The HCPCS billing code for the Child-to-Adult Safety Harness is "E1399, Durable Medical Equipment, Miscellaneous".

Child Harness, Toddler Harness

Child/Toddler Safety Harness

You can watch a short video that describes the Child Harness and the benfits of this innovative design.

The Child Harness is the harness of choice for very small children. It is compact, easy to use and comes with it's own storage pouch. No bulky animal backpack means this harness is easy to tote along and use any time your toddler wants to walk instead of ride. Each Child Harness has:

Child-to-Adult Safety Harness for Larger Toddlers or Someone with Special Needs

You can watch two videos of the Child-to-Adult Harness; one is a demo that shows the harness being fitted on a (neurotypical) 6 year old, the other shows you the main features of the design.

If you have a taller or larger toddler on your hands who is rather strong for their tender years, then the Child-to-Adult Harness is the harness you need. The 2 chest straps of this design make this harness the ideal fit for larger bodies. And if you have a child with special needs; someone on the Autism spectrum, diagnosed with ADHD, Down Syndrome or a variety of other neurologic disorders that inhibit their judgement or behaviour, the Child-to-Adult Safety Harness is the harness for them. This design is extremely secure yet comfortable to wear all day every day so you can travel to school and appointments safely.

Child-to-Adult Safety Harness. Special Needs Harness. Autism Harness

Each Child-to-Adult Harness has:

Order one of our Sweatshirts to wear over the Child-to-Adult Harness to keep your child warm on your walks.

Belt-to-Belt Tether Systems

Our Belt-to-Belt Tethers are a simple yet effective way to keep your child by your side. These Tethers are ideal for children who DO NOT need the full security of our Child-to-Adult Safety Harnesses.

Both the child and the parent wear a belt, and a 4 foot tether connects the two. The tether can be held in the parent's hand, or slipped onto their own belt to be "hands free".

Order tethers of different lengths, or add features such as a locking buckle or a snap hook to your Tether System so it best suits your needs.

Waist Belt Tether Systems to use with an Autism Service Dog

The training agency where you collect your autism service dog may or may not provide you with a means to tether your child to their new companion.

If your child is unwilling or unable to constantly hold onto the dog's lead during your outings, use one of our Waist Belt Tethers to connect your child to their autism service dog while you hold the dog's lead. Choose a Regular Waist Belt or Weighted Waist Belt System.

Safety Harness to use with an Autism Service Dog

Child-to-Adult Safety Harness. Special Needs Harness. Autism Harness

If you have, or are getting, an autism dog for your child, you may need a safety harness to keep the two of them together. This Safety Harness to use with an autism dog has the added feature of a front lead that extends from the harness your child wears to the dog's collar.

Child-to-Adult Safety Harness on a 6 yr old

Accessories to add Safety and Security

There are a number of Accessories that you can order for your Safety Harness to increase the security and/or functionality of your new harness: